Continued retail support during the coronavirus

Whilst we monitor the situation carefully and have practices in place to ensure the safest possible environment for our people and the community, we will continue to support our clients and retailers in ensuring stock availability.

As COVID-19 causes global and local turmoil and subsequently impacts all of our lives, we are committed to ensuring continued services in what is defined as essential services in retail, keeping stores fully stocked.

This commitment extends that of the Communities we serve, the Clients we work with in protecting and growing their brands to be available to shoppers, the Retailers calling on us to ensure business continuity, and to that of our People, to create meaningful employment for them and in so provide incomes for their families.

We have taken a proactive management plan in order to minimise the spread of COVID-19 amongst our employees and the wider community. As a leadership team we are meeting daily to increase our governance and discuss our response plan and currently our business continuity plans include:

  • Ensuring all office-based employees are working from home where possible across Sydney and Melbourne offices, and carrying on with core operations using technology
  • Restricting any external visitors
  • No domestic or international travel is permitted
  • Segregating our in-house warehouse team to work in a split shift with a team A and team B roster
  • All company events/seminars/conferences have been postponed
  • Hand sanitisers and disinfectant wipes have been distributed amongst employees
  • Our field teams are receiving regular communications to ensure that they're keeping safe which includes maintaining good hygiene practices before/during/after work, practising social distancing, and completing a newly rolled-out reporting form to confirm that they are fit and healthy for duty.


Getting Retail Support
With these measures, we continue to support our clients and retailers in ensuring stock availability. Please feel free to reach out if you require any support in retail by emailing