Specialty Services Specialty Services Satisfy your customer's primary shopping mission.
Attention to detail Attention to detail Increase your traffic, Increase your sales, and increase brand loyalty.

Specialty Channels

There’s no channel our team can’t do

We build and manage field teams across every business sector and will source specialist industry experts to help us support your business. From automotive to wellness and everything in between, we work across a huge, diverse and often complex range of retail clients who rely on our deep understanding of the retail environment.

Our speciality team is highly skilled and adaptable to any industry, with experience working across a wide range of retail businesses. Leveraging a range of tailored solutions and business intelligence (BI), we develop and activate dynamic shopper engagement programs and strategies that support client-specific objectives.

We work across so many diverse speciality channels serving a multitude of different customers, segments, and industries which we categorise as speciality channels.

Popular Services

All solutions are tailored to your requirements.
New specialist services are developed in collaboration with our client partners outside of these listed below.


Maximising sales with speed to market, scale and flexibility. Using data insights for smarter strategies & targeted deployment.

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Brand Ambassadors

A specialist division focusing on the shopper experience to deliver best-in-class customer engagement, demonstations, sales, and retailer staff advocacy & training.

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Mystery Shopping

Capture and understand a customer’s experience for Brands & Retailers. It can also provide insight into retailer staff knowledge, advocacy, and enthusiasm towards your brand or product.

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Tailored Solutions

CROSSMARK develops tailored solutions for our client’s needs, not the other way around. Gone are the days of the set-and-forget mentality; we activate how, where, when, and with what will deliver the best ROI and impact for your business.

We use our retail experience, data-driven insights, and your business' retail goals & strategy to design the best field strategy. Through our integration and partnership with your business that we build right from the start, continually improve, and evolve our programs with the changing retail landscape.

Specialist Teams

Channel and retail experts that drive superior brand and sales growth.

Business Intelligence

Data-driven plans and models supported by local history, retail footprint & strategic insights.


Leveraging our proprietary technology make it easier to work, more efficient & drive a better outcome in store.

Flexible Models

There are so many ways to approach this channel, depending on your business' requirements we can develop models that suit your needs around commercials, flexibility, capability, and scale among other things. Our business intelligence (BI) team allows us to use data & insights to design a smarter way for faster growth.

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